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Building Your B2B Brand

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Richard Holmes 12/19/22 1:25 PM
Building Your B2B Brand

Happy Holidays and welcome back, folks! Last week on The Corporate Data Show, Eric Quanstrom, CMO of Cience, and I had a chat about Building Your B2B Brand. 

So for anybody that lives under a rock, Cience is a company that combines people, product, and process to create product pipeline. Those are your four “P’s”, if you will. A lot of people think of Cience as an outbound or outsourced SDR service, and they also have a number of software products that they marry up with. 


Eric says, “The name of the game is to help our clients grow, and that's what we do!”

EMM tried this same track for a few years, I think we had eight folks doing it. We ate our own cooking over here as well, and it was a tough job. Especially if you have a niche market to keep being able to feed leads into the campaigns, and keep them rolling for long periods of time, a lot of companies fail. They all make a good earnest try, and then they're just like, “I’m hiring it out”. Cience has had luck however; they’ve grown their organization to north of 1200 folks, and on that journey they’ve helped a lot of businesses large and small.

Here at EMM, we’ve tried over-standardizing the process for training our own people and I like to think that, because we’re in the outbound business, we’re better than 98% of people at our whole package on outreach for outbound, inbound, follow up, and after lead care. If you miss one of those items, that’s what causes your results to be halfsies and that’s what drags your program. 

Folks out there reading, Eric and I talked about brand building. And we actually talked about the podcast as an example of a soft demand metric. He comes on the show, we get some likes, we get some new traffic to the site, but then what? That’s all part of it, at least in our business, and Eric helped straighten this out because my business is a little dysfunctional; whose isn’t? 


What is B2B Brand Building? To EMM, in the sales and quota marketing world, that means you don't have to tie a lead quota to it. Nobody wants to be spinning their wheels, generating no demand and no eyeballs, so I was curious how Cience handles it. I can share my method because it is really simple: we take 20% of the budget and we allow it to go to things we can’t attribute. 

Eric’s method sounded way better: