Worldwide Business Executives (B2B), Data Cards, Business Data Cards

100% email present on over 400 million unique data cards for the US and the rest of the world. We use that tremendous scale for data enrichment of more than 53 million business data. Target by exact title or job function, job level, industry, size, technologies deployed, and more. Buy segments online or license a complete install base.


Companies and Websites (B2B), Data Card

Use our domain data card to assign company attributes to the original universal match key, the URL. Identify companies for prospecting based on business data cards. Validated by an in-house crawl independently of our data enhancement. 50 data attributes on 12 million global companies in A - C accuracy categories.


US Consumers (B2C), Data Card

The largest of our data cards contains more than 550 million permission-based unique business data cards with over 150 million usable in direct marketing. Target the right segment with selections by gender, age, income, and interest categories. Currently available only through our offline request form.


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Data Card Catalog

We're constantly adding new data cards to our catalog, highlighting segments that our customers are looking for. Search and refine our data cards by:

  • Data Type (Worldwide B2B, US Consumers B2C, and Companies B2B)
  • Company Industry
  • Job Role
  • Technologies

We're always looking for more feedback on the data segments our customers are looking for. If you have a request, contact our team. We'd be more than happy to assist you. 

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