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What is a data card?

A data card is a standardized representation of a media program. Some media planners use data cards to highlight specific information, similar to the use of a media kit.

Data cards were first used by SRDS and later Nextmark as the standard for offline media with direct mail and telephone lists, then later email lists.

Now they are being adapted to digital media programs including websites, ad segments, mobile apps and games.

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Why Use A Data Card?

People who buy media like to use data cards because they make it easy to find and compare assets in their media plans.

Data sellers like data cards because they help eliminate the need for verbal explanation of sometimes complex questions in writing.

What Information Is Usually On A Data Card?

  • Description: Summary information on the compiling strategy, content, makeup.
  • Quantity: The available quantity of this data card segment, usually various flavors of quantities setup in a table. Typically with offline data there will be a quantity for direct mail, a quantity for email and a quantity for phone. Other quantities might be for recency or by state or attribute.
  • Rate: The price per thousand (CPM) records or impressions.
  • Targeting: Selectable targeting attributes of the asset.
  • Privacy: Applicable privacy statements about the data asset.
  • Usage: Publicly disclosable prior users of the database.
  • Ordering information: How to order, related minimums, terms of use, approvals if required.

Our data cards make it easier to strategize your digital marketing efforts!

Our Data Cards

Core Files

Global Business Executives (B2B), Full File





C-level Executives (Cxos), US B2B

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), US B2B

Chief Operations Officers (Coos), US B2B

Chief technology officers (Ctos), US B2B

Chief Financial officers (Cfos), US B2B

IT Directors and decision makers, US B2B

managers and decision makers, US B2B

Health Services Industry professionals, US B2B

computer software and it industries, US B2B

Business Services Industry, US B2B

financial Services Industry, US B2B

finance/accounting directors and decision-makers, US B2B

Customer service directors and decision-makers, US B2B

Marketing directors and decision-makers, US B2B

Business owners, founders, and presidents, US B2B

Operations directors and decision-makers, US B2B

procurement business executives, US B2B

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