EMM Gives Back

Some call it philanthropy, but we at EMM simply think of it as giving back. 

We wouldn't be who we are today without the people and communities that surround us, and we like to support causes that we feel could use a little extra attention. 


PAWS Logo 2
There isn't a single member of our team that isn't an avid pet lover. In addition to volunteering at PAWS Chicago, EMM is a dedicated sponsor in support of their mission of finding forever homes for every fur baby that comes through their doors. Even our office dog, Chapo, is a rescue!

EMM proudly supports the Midwest Paintball Tournament Association. Rick created this organization to provide a fun and healthy environment for young men to develop skills related to endurance, teamwork, accountability, and more. Strong relationships are formed through the game, and carry into the personal lives of all of those involved. 


Educators to some of our own EMM family's children, Keith Country Day School is one of the top rated private schools in Illinois. EMM recognizes the importance of a good education, and has been a large supporter of KCDS in their mission to prepare their students for success both in school and in life. 

In addition to our support of Keith Country Day School, EMM is a supporter of the Chicago Public School system's Children First Fund. We are located in the heart of Chicago, and strongly believe in supporting the community that directly surrounds us. The Chicago Public Schools have produced valuable employees for EMM as well as countless other businesses. Everyone deserves a great education, and EMM is proud to help Chicago provide that to our youth.


CPS Logo

Similar to the MWTPA, Rick founded the Chicago Conmen Paintball Team to create a positive environment for young men to develop relationships with role models that become life-long friends. They are a part of the MWTPA, and can be found being coached by Rick on the weekends when he isn't working.

Have a cause or local team that could use some support? Tell us about it!