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Quality & versatile Data

At Every Market Media, there are four main types of data that we provide to our customers:

  • Business Executives (B2B)
  • Global Business Executives (B2B, but outside of the U.S.A.)
  • Consumers (B2C)
  • Businesses / Business Websites (B2B)

We find that our customers have many different use cases for a data set. Pricing structures vary based on the application, data exposure and license rights. Here’s some more information highlighting each area of EMM's expertise.

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Business Executives - contact Emails (B2B)

100% email present on over 276 million unique email records. We use that tremendous scale to deliver an end product of more than 53 million highly curated contacts. 8.7 million direct dials with valid emails. Target by exact title or job function, job level, industry, size, technologies deployed and more. Buy segments online or license a complete install-base.



Global Executives - contact Emails (B2B)

Similar in format to our US business executives but in 140 more countries! Like all of our databases, 100% email populated with over 27 million records worldwide. From Albania to Zimbabwe, target by job title, function, industry, company size and technology present at domain. Standardized to Latin-1 character set, our international marketing database is quickly becoming popular in omni-channel outreach.


Consumers - contact Emails (B2C)

The largest of our data files contains more than 550 million permission based unique email records with over 150 million usable in direct marketing. Target the right segment with selections by gender, age, income, and interest categories. Currently available only through our offline request form.


Businesses / business websites

Use our domain database to assign company attributes to the original universal match key, the URL. Identify companies for prospecting based on business attributes. Validated by an in-house crawl independently of our contact resources. 50 data attributes on 12 million global companies in A - C accuracy categories.