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Every Market Media excels at delivering effective, efficient solutions to help our clients surpass their goals. When you succeed, we succeed!

As a leading data compiler, we understand that no two applications are the same. That's why we specializing in providing custom-engineered variations of our core assets tailored to meet your specific business needs and objectives.

We put our unsurpassed application-specific experience to work for global compilers to volume email marketers to targeted display and everything in between.

Each client success story listed below offers a case study in the way we can put our services and data to work for you.

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Success Stories / Case Studies

Save millions on brokerage costs with Every Market Media!

High Volume Email Broker Saves $1 Million Dollars Through Vertical Integration

  • Client: Email marketing agency
  • Product: Consumer email database license
  • Feature: Deliverable email records, minimally
    required to have name, zip code level
    geography and consent
  • Application: Advertiser email campaigns

    Vertically integrating for more control and cost improvements requires a solution set that only a proven leader like EMM can provide. We worked with a high-volume email brokerage outsourcing 99% of its sold email volume that was frustrated with low profit margins and lack of control. Transparency into the process sometimes prevented swift turnaround, and the origins of traffic for clients was not always clear. With hundreds of weekly campaigns and dozens of markets vertical integration without client disruption, it was very challenging, and attempts to integrate previously were unsuccessful. 

    For any emailer, the composite cost of sending out one email is a core profitability lever. In a brokerage environment margins can be as thin as 10 – 20%. For our customer, this meant brokering hundreds of jobs a week at an annual cost of more than $3 million dollars.
    The customer was looking for a way to reduce this significant cost of goods sold without driving additional cost or poor service into the product or fulfillment process. The answer to this problem came in the form of a combination approach of integrating the EMM consumer email database in tandem with best practice consulting. We launched a proprietary internal email service provider at the customer. This included training staff and creating written process and roll-up schedule. For the substantial volumes required for this project, a custom database to campaign manager tool was deployed to access data and pipe to email service providers for distribution.
    Customer Benefits
  • The client assumed 33% of their own volume within 8 months.
  • The client achieved a projected 12-month cost savings of approximately $1 million dollars.
  • The client developed a core competency to grow incrementally.

  • Saving brokerage costs added $1 million dollars back to the bottom line. 

  • For consumer marketing service providers large and small, the EMM consumer email marketing database and the EMM team deliver measurable value, quickly.

B2B Data Re-seller Improves Profit Margins

  • Client: Enterprise business mar-tech solution
  • Product: Business executives database
  • Feature: Data pipeline
  • Application: Net new marketing record discovery, reference file creation

A high volume business data compiler was constantly seeking new data sources to maintain market leadership. They needed a true partnership to drive more revenue, so they worked with database industry veterans Every Market Media for a solution.

The B2B data re-seller was actively seeking new sources with reliable, consistent, quality supply. Lack of transparency frustrated deal making and data selection. Unreliable data streams interrupted new revenue.

With dozens of other data partners unable to perform, they needed a data solution set that met their margin needs and was consistent in delivery.


For any data solutions provider, managing the data’s hygiene to the users consuming it is essential. For large-scale providers, multiple applications means a reference set that can be tailored for hundreds of marketing applications. 

Phone marketers require one level of verification, while display partners require another. Acquiring a high quality phone or email set only solves part of the problem.


The client needed a solution to improve the consistency of data supply without driving down margins or lowering product quality. The answer to the problem was a tailored version of the EMM business executives database with regular quarterly updates, along with monthly updates of the highest performing AAA and BBB segments. This allowed the customer to better synchronize builds and rapidly integrate the best data for the application. With supply steady, the customer could now focus on driving revenue from more use cases.

Customer Benefits

  • Added 31% net new, full record business contacts to production database
  • Increased revenues directly attributable to net new data
  • Contracted, consistent supply chain


Having specific, consistent quality data supply drove new dollars to the bottom line while securing earned future revenue.


For complex data installs, the EMM business executives databases deliver value that your marketing services firm can take to the bank.

Propel your growth with professional data services!
Get access to quality email databases with identity resolution and append services!

Display Advertising Partner Links More Offline B2B Data to Cookies

A Case Study in Optimizing Offline Data for Use in Display

  • Client: Data onboarding firm
  • Product: EMM LinkKey solution
  • Feature: Individual and business level matches
  • Application: Linking business marketing information to consumer marketing information to create additional display impressions
Account Background

Existing relationship with account supplying data for branded online audience segments within Data Management Portal (DMP). Account desired to create additional records for online audience segment to serve additional impressions within targeted business markets by linking to consumer marketing information which generally matches cookie pools at higher rates than B2B data. They needed a solution that could work with any offline data set to produce the maximum accurate number of cookie pairings. They needed Every Market Media’s solution oriented thinking and industry leading database reference sets.


Targeted Business audiences are small to begin with. The situation is compounded when Business audiences link to cookie pools around 25% as often as Consumer audiences. A 100,000 record Business audience without enhancement will net on average 10,000 matched cookies.


Improve the match rate and match efficacy. EMM was called in to lever its databases with the goal of producing a high quality link to a consumer record. Using proprietary LinkKey relational databases and matching logic, EMM was able lift match rates from 4% to 19% and the efficiency of those matched records was 4x the baseline. Translated, EMM turned a 10,000 record audience into 20,000 unique individuals with 4x the cookie placement rate or 80% of original audience efficiency.

Customer Benefits
  • Lifted attainable impressions 500%
  • Developed scalable process that works with any data set
  • Drove new revenue with more impressions on already performing offers

Knowing the market isn’t enough. Getting your message to people across multiple channels increases efficacy with branding and lead generation alike. LinkKey and EMM maximized cookie placement on Business records by providing accurate Consumer email information with higher match rates (4x over baseline).

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