Every Market Media makes access to its data available through a growing number of solutions.

What's your (Data) Poison?

Easy-to-access online solution

All of our business to business (B2B) data resources are now available online through EMMquery, our next level lead generation tool for sales and marketing. 

Using our next level data software, you can easily access millions of the following business records conveniently at the click of a button:


Visit EMMquery to learn more or see our pricing to get started now.

Expert Data Services

Our business to consumer (B2C) data products are not yet online, but are accessible through professional services and offline requests. 

Work with our team as we assist you to achieve results that meet your marketing goals. 

We have over 20 years of experience in data services that attributes to our expertise in developing and testing systems that interact with: 

  • Email marketing
  • Business intelligence
  • Data acquisition, remediation & more

To begin, see our professional services or submit an offline request.

Other effective solutions

Identity Resolution

Linkkey data solution for identity verification

EMM’s Linkkey matching algorithms stack geography and name based logic using the scale of our email databases along with proprietary databases of linking information that connects contacts that others miss.

Get scale and accuracy with the first and best B2B to B2C pairing method and have more ways to reach your most valuable prospects.


Our data can be accessed programmatically through our APIs, keys may be obtained through a security approved EMMquery subscription.