Reach Business Execs by E-mail, phone and Mail

  • 100% email present on over 400 million unique emails, historical data back to 2013
  • Email continuously validated with industry standard email verification every 120 days
  • Constant phone sampling and web activity data surface the most responsive contacts
  • Search company name, domain and title by keywords
  • Pre-built targeting criteria include job level, industry, size, technologies deployed and more


Like all of our databases, it's 100% email populated. We've standardized business criterion to English language but left job titles in the language in which they are published, so don't forget the difference between technology and technologies.

Search Albania to Zimbabwe. Target by job title, function, industry, company size and technologies in use.

This international marketing database is standardized to Latin-1 character set and is similar in format to our United States business executives contact file.

Copy of Finalized Data Quality Graphics

What makes our data unique:

  • Alphabetical coding makes selecting the right phone and email delivery quality for your application easy
  • Highest delivery, highest direct dial are our AAA records. Strong delivery, but with corporate phones are single A records
  • Enterprise users can select from the full file with historical records for analysis, cleaning and data management
  • Validate emails right before download if desired
  • Target by specific title keyword, job function, target accounts list, industry, technologies used and more
  • Ongoing phone and email validation
  • Boost campaign results by using exactly the right data
  • Available as a full file license or as segments through EMMquery

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