data partners

Every Market Media maintains a partner network of data contributors who share in the royalties earned from their records EMM may publish or in some other way incorporate.

If your business generates affiliate signups, conducts online research of business people or otherwise has the right to monetize a marketing database, there may be significant passive revenue opportunities available.

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Every Market Media partners with global leaders in the SaaS and DaaS industries!


Learn why global technology leaders choose Every Market Media to deliver consistently updated and improved data products year after year.

Privately held, agnostic and chosen by the world’s most trusted data brands to be key, long term infrastructure components.

Leading SaaS and DaaS solutions select EMM more than any other data provider.


Every Market Media wants to bring data to where your process lives.

Take delivery of data files in Google Cloud, AWS, Citrix Sharefile or programmatically via our API. More delivery mechanisms are being added all the time. If there’s a specific integration you are interested in, please contact us.

We make it easy by integrating our services in ways that fit your process!

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