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Save Money on Leads and Ditch The Subscription

Every Market Media is thrilled to announce a big change to EMMquery, it's powerful top-of-funnel list generation tool for sales and marketing. 

EMMquery has been helping marketing and data professionals grow their organizations by offering robust targeting and segmentation tools to download fresh, reliable B2B data. Finding and building a list of the prospective buyers that perfectly fits your ideal customer type has never been easier.

And it just got better. 

So what's changing?

Since its inception, EMMquery has been offered as a subscription-based pricing model. Every month, credits from the tier that you choose will be automatically added to your balance so you can keep doing your thing. But no more.

Records-based pricing

Pay for credits, not subscriptions. We'll no longer charge a monthly fee for recurring credits. Purchase a set of credits from any of our three price points and buy more when you need them.*

Subscriptions make sense for a lot of things like Netflix or your gym membership. However, based on the use-case for a lot of our customers and the feedback we've received, we chose a customer-centric route to offer our credits. 

Our new one-time purchase price packages:

  • Team: $499.99 for 5,000 credits ($0.099 per credit)
  • Agency: $799.99 for 10,000 credits ($0.079 per credit)
  • Enterprise: $1,499.99 for 25,000 credits ($0.059 per credit)

EMMquery is built for high performing marketing TEAMS — not just the number of accounts you pay for. Invite each member of your sales or marketing team to use your credit balance across your entire organization.

Don't worry though, if you're a lone wolf marketer, we have a place for you here as well. 

Choose your databases

Choose your database modules right at sign-up. To keep things simple, sign up for the database module that best suits your companies use-case. Signing up for a team or agency account at sign up will allow you to select 2 modules and 3 for enterprise accounts. 

Check out our 4 modules:

  • B2B: Our US Business Executive Database Module, gives you access to over 78 million business professionals across the US. 
  • Global B2B: Our Global Business Executive Database Module gives you access to over 12.3 million business professionals across the globe.
  • Companies: Our Companies and Websites Database Module gives you access to over 8.6 million companies and website domains across the globe. 
  • B2B Enrich: Enrich your current data by uploading a flat file (CSV) of your data to append company name, company website — or both, to our database. 

Depending on the account you sign up for, you'll automatically get access to those chosen modules. If you'd like to upgrade to an additional module or change your modules, simply contact our team.

Can EMMquery save you money?

Choose a data and lead solution that makes sense for you or your organization, not merely because we told you to. Visit our EMMquery page, watch our overview video, or contact our team for more information. If we make sense to help drive you closer to your growth goals, we'd be happy to help. 

Every Market Media has been a proud data supplier to the world's biggest data and lead generation companies since 2013. Now, you can hook yourself up online to get the freshest data, straight from the original source. 


* For account maintenance, credits will expire after one year of purchase.