Our flagship database:

  • 100% email present on over 80 million records
  • Live mailing statuses alternate with MX lookup pings verify email addresses every quarter
  • 20 million double verified email addresses
  • Targetable by exact title or job function, job level, industry, size, technologies deployed and more

What makes our b2b email database perfect for you:

  • NTC code makes selecting the right phone and email delivery quality for your application easy
  • Highest delivery, highest direct dial use AAA records. Strong delivery, low chance of direct dial (corp #), A
  • Enterprise users can select from full strata AAA - D for analysis, cleaning and data management
  • List sales clients receive live email validation on all records before delivery
  • Target by specific title keyword, job function, ABM target domain list, industry, technologies used and more
  • Human verified direct dials available
  • Boost your connect rates by selecting the right data for your campaign

See our pricing page, read about most recent updates or request a count.