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Every Market Media Over The Years

Every Market Media is thriving, thanks to our incredible clients and staff. Check out a few of our company updates as we've evolved over the years!

Making a Splash in the Hip Neighborhood of Wicker Park in Chicago

With an explosive year for Every Market Media, we are proud to announce that we have moved into the great neighborhood of Wicker Park in Chicago.

With expanded offices, we plan to grow our team and continue to offer outstanding Direct Marketing services to our growing client base.

Just in time for the DMA Conference from October 12-17 in Chicago, we will be attending the annual event and hosting exclusive meeting and events with our clients and vendors at our new pad.

As proud members of the DMA, we look forward to meeting many people and attending the many informative sessions at the event. Our services directly relate to the core DMA objectives and include business and consumer direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing as well as data hygiene, append services, modeling, brokerage and other digital marketing techniques and practices.

With over 20 years of combined experience in Data Services, EMM has expertise in data quality, data transparency, unique demographics, and exceptional customer service.

If you’d like to check out our new digs or meet with our executive partners, please contact us.

Movin’ on Up to Logan Square… EMM has New Digs!

After months of busting at the seams of our beloved Wicker Park office, we are excited to announce that we’ve moved our headquarters into a sweet, HUGE new space in Logan Square.

Located on Armitage near Milwaukee, we are in the heart o’ Logan Square and super psyched to be the newest biz residents of this eclectic and multi-cultural hood. If you’re in the area, please stop by and see us: 2518 W Armitage, Suite 2, Chicago, IL.

Though we didn’t even move a full mile, 0.9 miles to be exact, I’m sure you can appreciate that uprooting our business lives was no small undertaking.  Our excitement of being in the new digs, however, has already overshadowed that temporary un-fun and we are now laser-focused on maximizing our current growth spurt.

We’ve transitioned to the following core areas of service that have proven to fit our business model and clients very well:

Strategic Partnerships – though we’re larger now, we’re still nimble, able and willing to custom engineer applications to meet our clients’ unique database or marketing needs

Custom Database Installs – for our enterprise clients, we offer access to complete files or custom build large segments for marketing, non-marketing or resale applications

Database Management – we’ve expanded our technical capacity, software and hardware, to support our core data assets (b2b, international b2b and b2c) We’ve also done some more work to the website recently! Check out our new custom pricing options and even request custom counts online.

Would you like to join the EMM team and help us to settle in the new office? We’re now hiring for roles in Sales, Marketing and Programming.  Shoot us over a resume and let’s chat. Please feel free to contact Every Market Media if you’re interested in learning more about our database and marketing services. Be sure to request a sample file – the proof is in the pudding!

Every Market Media Anniversary!

Every Market Media Celebrates Their First Anniversary!

After an incredible inaugural year, Every Market Media is happy to announce the celebration of its first anniversary.

As with every start-up, they have experienced highs and lows, but mostly they have seen tremendous growth which puts them on the path to meet and exceed the often sought, but rarely achieved million+ sales in just under our first 12 months. At the top of their achievements for the year is a happy client base.

Re-seller and wholesale clients love how easy Every Market Media’s high quality email data makes their lives and helps to grow their businesses.

“We’ve added to our growth strategy with an increased focus on working with the right clients and forming strategic data partnerships.”

In this next year, they will be bringing MORE data originators to their stable and process all of it through their live send-verification process. With already the strongest prospecting files available on the market, this will increase their potential to provide you with the very highest quality and most abundant data available today.

Additionally, their domestic and international marketing files will grow by more than 30% in the next 12 months.

“Our first year was about finding our stride. The next twelve months will be focused on building relationships, perfecting our services and providing you with a combination of the very best data available coupled with our outstanding, personalized customer service.”

Strategic Data Partnerships and Paintball

Not exactly peanut butter and jelly on the surface, right? As a tournament player in the game of paintball for Chicago Warped,, the similarities are more numerous than you’d think.

Like most sports, a paintball player has a position on the field that he or she primarily plays. I generally play a support role in a position more to the rear of the field. A back player’s primary job is to provide support for his front players so they can move up the field and eliminate players from better positions. Stay with me here, there’s a tie back. Marketing data is the back player of direct marketing. Marketing data is the back player of marketing service products and provider solutions.

It provides the essential resources and linking information for your marketing efforts or products. It’s so essential to the backbone of products you wouldn’t even think of, included in everything from cookie matching to traditional marketing list sales to inclusion within marketing products as a linking data point. It won’t close the deals for you, it won’t replace a sloppy conversion funnel and “garbage in – garbage out” still applies.

Like a back player, it usually doesn’t get the eliminations and run down the field to hang the flag. The business and consumer marketing data EMM supplies its partners allows them to do their jobs. Whether that job is increasing profitability in companies selling data, adding to the selection of available markets for those same companies or pioneering new data strategy EMM is like a solid paintball back player.

Our clients, the front players, get to make their moves and close out the game without having to look back and make sure the new data and support keeps coming.

Why this tieback is important you ask? Well, EMM is excited to announce that we are now proud sponsors of the Chicago Warped paintball team. With over 80 players competing in amateur through semi-professional divisions Warped will compete in the complete PSP circuit in 2015.

Traveling to five states to and playing for cash, prizes and bragging rights Warped is poised to take events and season podiums. Check out our press release here: Chicago Warped sponsorship and see this week’s Fox News spotlight on Warped’s stomping ground, CPX, in Melrose Park: Fox News spotlight.

Thank you for your support!