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It's Time for The Great (B2B) Data Bake Off

You may have heard that things are getting a little hostile in the marketing world. This past week, we here at Every Market Media were simply going about our business, discussing the wonders of outbound marketing, when some hooligans from the inbound side unleashed their inner Rocky Balboa on us.

If you listened to the latest episode of The Corporate Data Show (which you should, but we’re biased - plus, it's right at the bottom of this blog for your convenience), you probably recall that our guest, Chad, was so worried for his safety that we had to distort his voice. Apparently, he was right to worry, as these inbound marketing ruffians burst into our studio and kidnapped him to keep him silent. Luckily he’s okay, but we won’t let his bravery go to waste.

Inbound marketers will insist until they’re blue in the face that outbound doesn’t work. There’s just one problem: it does. Plain and simple. But unlike them, we don’t fight dirty, so we’re going to put our marketing where our mouth is and prove that we can effectively follow leads and form relationships using quality data. 

Enter the Great (B2B) Data Bake Off.

The Great Data what now?

You heard us: The Great (B2B) Data Bake Off. Picture The Great British Baking Show, but better and more useful (at least to marketers). We’re bringing on some big hitters in the data industry to compete for the Outbound Crown — the OutCrown’d, if you will. By the end of the competition, not only will we have crowned a victor, but we’ll prove once and for all the merit of outbound marketing. Here’s how.

First, we’ll select the five competitors. Check out the lineup so far:

  1. Every Market Media
  2. Possibly you
  3. Your competitor (a chance to prove you're better?)
  4. Don Draper (just kidding, he doesn’t know what an email is)
  5. You again (have we made it clear we want you to participate yet?)

We're securing our baking teams right now and we still have some openings. That’s why we want you to hit us up if you or someone you know has some hot data. Right now we have some maybes, so don't wait around too long if you're looking to jump in. If you're interested, send us a message or send an email to!

Once selected, all ten competitors will come prepared with a percentage of their published available database to be evaluated. We’ll select anywhere from 200-1000 records and judge them based on a predetermined set of criteria. Chad, bless his soul, helped us determine these criteria before he was so wrongfully taken from our studio.

The Nitty Gritty

So what are these criteria? Well, they’re split into two categories, each of which will be given a score of 1-10.

First, we’ll check Contact Accuracy, because we would look pretty silly if the emails didn’t even reach a real person. This will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Correct contact attributes, such as name, email, position, job role, postal address, and social profile
  • Accurate corporate phone (plus some sweet, sweet bonus points for direct dial)
  • Email deliverability/Bounce rate (because if it doesn’t hit the inbox, what’s the point?)
  • Responsivity/Web activity
  • Fill Rate

After this, we’ll look at Company Accuracy. It’s great to have real emails for real people, but what if you get the company name wrong in your outreach? Probably not getting a love letter back any time soon, we’d say. So, we’ll evaluate this category based on:

  • Existing business (it’s not out of business, right?)
  • Correct attributes, like company website, industry (Some of this is subjective, but we want it in the right ballpark), and size (employee count, annual revenue, etc)

But wait! There’s more! Judges will also have the ability to give Tilt (additional points) to companies who exhibit valuable product differentiation. Maybe their database is extremely user-friendly, maybe it’s organized most effectively, maybe it brings you a bagel and coffee when you hit CTRL-F5, things like that. Because, as we know, it’s all in the details.

When it’s all said and done, the winner will be the company with the most points combined between the two categories and any additional points for Tilt. But even more importantly, we’ll prove to those inbound marketing rabble-rousers that outbound marketing not only works, but works well. 

The Great (B2B) Data Bake Off is set to be a must-see, so be sure to check it out! 

Get your baker's cap ready

The Great Data Bake Off is set to be a must-see, but even more importantly for outbound marketers, it’s a must-compete. So, if you think you’ve got the best data out there, hit us up. In the meantime, stay tuned on our website, LinkedIn, by carrier pigeon, etc.

See you there!



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