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Companies and Websites Database (B2B)

Data Segments

Name / Description Count Rate
Total Universe / Universe Rate 33,241,661 $100.00/M
"A" accuracy (90%+) 6,517,472 No Charge
"B" accuracy (80%+) 2,272,247 No Charge
"C" accuracy (70%+) 3,868,840 No Charge
"D, E, F" accuracy (below 70%) 19,593,102 No Charge


The EMM Companies and Websites file contains 33,251,661 unique global business
websites. The scale and availability of our data elements makes the Companies
and Websites file one of the largest independent reference files available on
the market today.
Use our Company level data to power popular use cases like:

  •  Marketing automation workflows
  • S/BDR prospecting workflows
  • Inside sales prospecting
  • Email delivery and response intelligence
  • Reseller marketing files
  • Programmatic segmentation
  • Appends
  • Enhancements

Because our data is derived from contact data which minimally has an email address, the EMM Companies file has website on every row which makes it possible to efficiently link other data to this account hunt list. See below and our site for full selects.
Net name available. Licensing available. 95% replacement of failure guarantee with email transmission log / hygiene report.

$99.99 / 1,000 record minimum online through EMMquery, Every Market Media's next-level lead generation tool.

Our full Companies and Websites Selection Catalog contains the following:

  • Company attributes - Company Name, Company Website, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Headquarters (Y/N), Phone, Fax, SIC, NAICS, Industry, Employee Range, Employees (#), Revenue Range, Revenue in Millions, Website Keywords, Webdomains, Year founded, Technologies used
  • Data attributes - Company Website Grade (CWG), Accuracy, Update
  • Social media attributes - Owler URL, LinkedIn URL, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Facebook likes, Twitter followers

For more information on our data segments and attributes, visit our online data dictionary on our Companies and Websites page.

Data Attributes

Description Rate Units (N/C) Description Rate Units (N/C)
Company Website No Charge Revenue in Millions No Charge
CWG* No Charge Employee Range No Charge
Accuracy No Charge Employees No Charge
Company Name No Charge Industry No Charge
Address No Charge SIC Codes & Description No Charge
City No Charge Twitter URL/Followers No Charge
State No Charge Year Founded No Charge
Zip No Charge Technologies Used No Charge
Country No Charge LinkedIn URL No Charge
HQ No Charge Owler URL No Charge
Phone/Fax No Charge Web Domains No Charge
Revenue Range No Charge Website Keywords No Charge
Update No Charge

* CWG - Company Website Grade. Reuse is Allowed. Cancellation Charges may apply. Please inquire for key coding.


Data Card Maintenance

05/19/2021 Counts Through
Quarterly Update Frequency
06/10/2021 Last Update
03/10/2021 Next Update

Minimum Order

1,000 Minimum. Quality
$99.99 Minimum. Price

Historical Dates

10-18-2016 Market Entry
10-16-2016 New to Manager
03-10-2021 New to System

Net Name Arrangements

0% Floor
N/A Run Charges
0 Minimum Quantity

Data Types

  • Business
  • Email/Postal/Phone


  • Complie Lists
  • Multi Sourced
  • Government Records
  • Directories
  • Open Web
  • Internet/Online


  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • 140+ More


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N/A Female


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No Charge Run Charge

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