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US Consumers (B2C) Email Database

Data Segments

Name / Description Count Rate
Total Universe / Universe Rate 536,578,412 $100.00/K
Unique emails 536,578,412 No Charge
Unique emails with Evidence of Non-Manufacture (EONM) 543,178,862 No Charge
Unique emails with EONM, name, postal with at least directional 337,230,451 No Charge
Valid unique emails with EONM, name 471,498,888 No Charge
Valid unique emails with EONM, name, CASS+NCOA postal 199,344,180 No Charge


The EMM Consumer Email Database contains over 536 million unique emails with known delivery statuses.

The most prolific of our data files contains nearly 400 million permission based records with just over 150 million verified emails with postal address.

EMM has manually reviewed over 7,500 source URL's to give a UCR (URL Compliance Review) status on our consumer records. These statuses allow you to select the records with the compliance practices that best align with your marketing application. We can now exclude certain data for your direct marketing applications, while preserving it for your matching/analysis applications.

Refine specifically for your application by starting with a offline request.

Target the right segment with selections:

  • Gender
  • Estimated Age
  • Income
  • Occupation

Additional B2B selects available on B2C data through Linkkey data cards.
Contact us for dictionaries or counts on specific segments. Net name available. Licensing available. Hassle free replacement of failure guarantee with email transmission log / hygiene report.

$3,000 / 30,000 record minimum.


Description Rate Units (N/C) Description Rate Units (N/C)
Email Deliverability No Charge Age $5.00/M
Physical Address Quality No Charge Gender No Charge
Website No Charge Education Level $25.00/M
Created Date No Charge Household Income $5.00/M
Mailed Date No Charge Zip No Charge
Email Verification Date No Charge Interest $5.00/M
Geo No Charge Occupation $15.00/M

Unit of Sale: High - $250, Average - $100, and Low - $20. Average income: $44,000. Reuse is not allowed. Cancellation Charges May Apply. Key coding is available at no charge.


Data Card Maintenance

6/22/2022 Counts Through
Quarterly Update Frequency
6/22/2022 Last Update
9/25/2022 Next Update

Minimum Order

30,000 Minimum. Quality
$3,000 Minimum. Price

Historical Dates

01-08-2017 Market Entry
10-14-2016 New to Manager
10-18-2016 New to System

Net Name Arrangements

0 Floor
Run Charges
100,000 Minimum Quantity


20% Broker
15% Agency

Data Types

  • Consumer
  • Email
  • Postal Addresses
  • Phone Numbers


  • Complied Lists
  • Multi Sourced
  • Multi-buyers
  • Internet/Online
  • Direct response
  • Single buyers
  • Opt-in Email


  • USA


50% Male
50% Female


$50.00/F Secure Delivery
No Charge Run Charge
$100.00/F 18 Mo. NCOA

Manager Contact Information

info-icon For offline requests, visit:

Address:Made in Chicago, IL

Phone:(888) 472-DATA