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B2B and B2C Data Updates

Hi there, Data Dean reporting:
Our latest Global B2B update (12.20.1) has been released!
Further down, you will find all of our periodic updates on new records added to our databases, recent data verification, rating adjustments, and more. This list will be updated as more is released.


What we're keeping fresh for you 

12.20.1 Global B2B Update: 

As of January 4, 2021, the following changes are reflected in our global business executive (B2B) database:

  • 4,075,360 net new email records added
  • Re-verified 7.2M records in quality segments A-CCC and verified 1.2M NTC C full business card records, resulting in adding:
    • 125,264 NTC A records  
    • 86,928 NTC B records
    • 753,816 NTC CCC records
    • 522,684 NTC CC records
    • 669,127 NTC C records
  • Cleared or replaced inaccurate contact and company data fields

For current counts and more information on our unique NTC segments, download our global B2B data dictionary.

11.20.1 B2B Update: 

As of November 18, 2020, the following changes are reflected in our business executive (B2B) database:

  • 5,911,044 net new email records added
  • 1,137,972 new records to AAA rating
  • Validated and rebalanced BBB, BB, and B, reducing 5 million catch all records
  • Upgraded records in AA, A, BBB, BB, and B segments appropriately due to web activity
  • Verified 2.4MM NTC C full business card records

Despite an increase in email decay due to COVID-19's impact on the US economy, we have been able to add an additional 15.6M new emails through constant email remediation by our team. We're highly pleased with the results and they're doing a great job. Enjoy!

10.20.1 B2C update:    

As of October 19, 2020, the following changes are reflected in our consumer record (B2C) database:
  • 11,706,2196 net new email records added
  • New registration information (2019+) on 28MM records updated
  • 9,684,846 new email records added to NTC A rating
  • 7.8MM email records moved from CCC/CC to A rating after verification after filling in full consumer information
  • 2MM NTC B records verified
  • Improved address and phone quality on database records using regex

Any questions on any of our recent or past updates? Ask in a comment or send us a message!
Data Dean signing off.
Until next time!