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EMM Business Websites Update v.9.22.1 Has Arrived!

To our valued EMM customers,

We thank you for your patience this delivery round. We checked all our metrics and found value in re-compiling new source data. We were seeing decreases in accuracy in top groups and false negatives in bottom ones. 

In going back for our full recrawl (roughly 33 million unique URLs 😱), we had the opportunity to update any technologies present, including some previously unreleased bespoke technology fields compiled for a single customer. 

This required a layout change. 

As you'll find below, we were able to get a lot of records back into the degrees of certainty CWGs like A and F. 

As always, we love feedback and are here to answer any questions.


Rick and the EMM Ops Team


EMM Business Websites Database v.9.22.1 Update Notes:

- recrawled all websites

- 759k net new websites

- CMS, Server Type, Device Count, and other technology improvements

- String Ranges made numeric

- HQ Location reprocessed

- NAICS, Twitter URL no longer being compiled

- Reduced minor differences between records resulting in a smaller, more accurate multi-per-site file


Coming Soon:

- Using page meta data (title, word count) to segment for better accuracy and remove parked sites.


Average Accuracy by CWG, Count Multi Per Site


86% 20,928,198


D 42% 11,959,461


F 3% 18,689,380