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US B2B Update 8.21.1 Has Launched!

Hey everyone, Data Dean here. 

As of August 29th, our latest US Business Executive Database update (8.21.1 US B2B) is now complete — and we aren't going to lie, it's pretty out of this world. This time around we didn't add any net new records, our focus was primarily on record verification. This way, you can trust even more that our fresh data is even more fresh. See the details below.  

Here are the highlights: 

  • Conducted a deep-level, catch-all verification of all B segment records. This process involves matching our emails with recent web activity, along with other special equipment to result in catch-all emails that have 3x the open rate.
  • Routine maintenance to remove stubborn characters within the data fields. 
  • Moved records to appropriate data quality segments as a result of verification.
  • Each of our data quality segments are broken down below with current numbers:
    • 7,907,969 AAA Quality records (an increase of 292,830)
    • 4,550,032 AA Quality records (an increase of 132,991)
    • 11,983,379 A Quality records (an increase of 878,365)
    • 3,261,688 BBB Quality records (an increase of 687,190)
    • 12,377,086 BB Quality records (an increase of 515,598)
    • 24,961,708 B Quality records (an increase of 2,661,422)
    • 5,233,274 CCC Quality records (an increase of 339,964)
    • 8,177,431 CC Quality records (an increase of 1,480,000)

We're excited to announce that we'll be adding more of your favorite B2B records in our next update. So stay tuned!

Visit our US B2B product page for data quality definitions, our data card, and our data dictionary for more information.