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Major B2C v.9.22.5 Update!

BIG update for our B2C feed customers! So soon? You betcha! 

Thanks to more hard work and optimization, we have exciting changes to share with the latest B2C update!

Due to some powerful brains and coding abilities, we have:

-Brought in almost 77 million new unique emails, 26 million with full postal and valid email. In keeping with our focus for high postal and email delivery, we’ve also taken some additional steps to make sure data opt-in’s stay within a reasonable window (I arbitrarily picked 5 years).

-Lots of fine tuning; this should be the last of layout changes for a while. With more data gathering we’ve been seeing some new character issues pop up. Thanks for the feedback last round (you know who you are!), we think we got most of them.

-Anyone with a comma sensitive input system: we can also help you out with a special output format and delimiter.

-A final update will be coming in December, mostly enhancement and email verification.


Feedback (even the candid kind) is always welcomed and encouraged.



Rick (and the EMM Ops crew)



B2C v 9.22.5 Update Notes

-          Added 77,968,474 net unique new emails, new total file size of 669,054,758. Counts by NTC at bottom.

-          Newline, single quotes, trailing, and leading spaces removed

-          Simplified NTC system, removed most detail to suppression code

-    Applied profanity and geography filters from B2B


Retired to D group:

-   records with registration date not matching an actual calendar date (eg. February 30)

-  emails from disposable email services (about a million)

-   records with no registration date

-  new suppression code “aged out” moves records with last opt in date more than five years ago


Retiring and renamed fields:




-“NCOA applied” is now “NCOA”

-Threat Level (replaced by better suppression coding)

Count by NTC:






Full name and postal, valid email



Partial name and/or postal, valid email



Historical records, see suppression code for reason