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Thousands of Calls to No One

As part of Every Market Media’s commitment to having data inventory for all applications we verify our (B2B) business email data in two ways. Just like our (B2C) consumer email data, the (B2B) business email file is verified via quarterly email transmission. What’s different from the consumer email file however is how we recognize/segment list sources by phone number to contact name ratios.

Hold on, hold on. Did you just say phone number to contact name ratios by source? How is that different from a “connected” phone number? A connected phone is one that rings through to the company on the record. A contact verified phone is one where the phone rings through to the contact, the contact’s voicemail or to a phone tree where the contact can be found.

The rendered score we apply to our business email database is simply the number of times in 100 the contact can be reached at the phone number on the record employing the process I note above.

We’ve already done the hard work of making thousands of “Is Bob available?” calls. All you need to do is lever it into marketing results. Easy, right? Just in case you’re reading this on a Monday and need a little help, common application ideas are below.

Common applications:

  • Super premium prospects (D email status + > 50 phone score)
  • Selecting best records for multi-channel marketing
  • Direct dial percentage measurement
  • Surveys
  • “Press 1” campaigns

For more questions or to discuss reach your favorite EMM’er.