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EMMQuery B2B 12.17.1 Update is in Full Effect!

Our newest B2B data tool EMMQuery, has endured some major changes.

From our prior 11.17.2 full file update, 12.17.1 brings improvements to the overall direct dial population as well as major improvements to email delivery.

Although there was a 12 million record drop from group B due to a reclassification of a poor performing email validation response, we were still able to present large volumes of net new data in this update. That big drop didn’t stop us from making major improvements and changes!

Main Features of Update 12.17.1

  • 9,480,178 net new emails added into your file, raising our master file total to 176,589,934
  • Re-processed through verification all AAA records not run within the last 90 days, removal of 657,144 records.
  • Re-processed through verification 5.5MM BBB and BB records, also removed 12MM unknowns from B and re-categorized them as NTC C.
  • Removed 120k from AAA and 427k from BBB based on low scoring from testing segments based on number of occurrences.
  • Added workflows for more detailed dispositioning of phone room call data feedback
  • We scored all possible Company Website sources for accuracy and created CWG, which stands for Company Website grade, A-F. This is how likely the website on the record belongs to the contact's company and is the root for improving firmagraphic attribution across the board. Internal field - available upon request.
  • Applied & prioritized accuracy scores by data source for the following fields: Primary SIC Code, Industry, Employees, Revenue, Employee Range, Revenue Range.
  • Populated and further standardized Company Name & Address fields.

As a team, we are diligently working out any bugs that still persist and expect to release some epic milstone changes in the up and coming weeks.Company module’s will also be available to all users.

Want to “beta” test the company module? Let us know! We would love to get you started and appreciate any feedback you may have.

Get started with EMMquery!