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Searching by job title for prospects in EMMQuery

In our next step by step tutorial. we're going to take a deeper look at using the title search capabilities to build a targeted list of contacts in EMMQuery. In this example, we're promoting a continuing education service who is marketing to companies with risk and compliance pains.

First, decide on a few keywords. Once you've dialed in on those, start with a basic keyword search.

One of their title segments is contacts who titles contain "risk" and "compliance." You will use this to build your list. Type in "risk" and "compliance" separated with a coma.

This search may produce some large companies and you don't want 1,000 contacts per company so next, set the max per email domain to 10!

Finally, select all NTC A group records because the primary campaign channel is email and you don't want to run much additional verification.

Then hit search!

How do you think the search looks? We think it looks pretty good, but lets expand your search with 14 title keywords that will be even better for the list.

First, you need a single column CSV spreadsheet with the keywords you want to search the titles for. Note that there is no header.

Next, go back to EMMQuery in your web browser, "upload CSV," select your input and upload!

Now lets search again!

Those results look much better and there are a ton of records to choose from!

Now that you have a list of contacts whose job roles fit your product, you have also created a helpful byproduct - a list of companies who have risk and compliance teams! That means if the contacts you select don't respond to your outreach, you can use the list you made to reach out to supporting cast a the company for referrals!

Happy Searching!