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Global Business Executives (B2B) Email Database

Data Segments

Name / Description Count Rate
Total Universe (100% email populated) 44,130,443 $100.00/M
Validated Emails with Full Business Card 1,966,100 No Charge
Records with Full Business Card 6,506,436 No Charge
Validated Emails with Partial Business Card 2,834,287 No Charge
Records with Partial Business Card 1,315,170 No Charge
Historical Records 33,477,920 No Charge


Non-US, Global Business Executives Email Database (B2B)

A core Business Email Database (B2B) with over 44 million unique business emails in 140+ non-US countries. Records contain full contact information on executives and available enhanced intelligence at the contact and company levels. 

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Popular use cases include:

  • Marketing automation workflows
  • S/BDR prospecting workflows
  • Inside sales prospecting
  • Email delivery and response intelligence
  • Reseller marketing files
  • Programmatic segmentation
  • Data / Database Appends
  • Data Enhancement & Enrichment

The scale and availability of data elements put our data to work at the world's fastest growing and largest firms. 
You can find our data dictionary here

Contact us for counts on specific segments. 

Net name available. Licensing available. 95% replacement of failure guarantee with email transmission log / hygiene report.

$1,000 / 5,000 record minimum.

Data Attributes

Description Rate Units (N/C) Description Rate Units (N/C)
Job Function / Level No Charge SOHO No Charge
Title / Title Keyword No Charge LinkedIn URL No Charge
Geography / Country No Charge Facebook URL No Charge
Email Deliverability No Charge Twitter URL No Charge
Physical Address Quality No Charge Technologies Used No Charge
SIC No Charge Created Date No Charge
NAICS No Charge Mailed Date No Charge
Industry No Charge Email Validation Date No Charge
Employee Size No Charge Facebook Likes No Charge
Revenue No Charge Twitter Followers No Charge
Website No Charge

Reuse is not allowed. Please inquire for key coding. Average Income: Not Available


Data Card Maintenance

05/10/2022 Counts Through
Quarterly Update Frequency
05/10/2022 Last Update
08/01/2022 Next Update

Minimum Order

5,000 (Online) / 30,000 (Offline) Minimum. Quality
$499.99 (Online) / $3,000 (Offline) Minimum. Price

Historical Dates

02-08-2017 Market Entry
10-18-2016 New to Manager
10-18-2016 New to System

Net Name Arrangements

0 Floor
N/A Run Charges
0 Minimum Quantity


20% Broker
15% Agency

Data Types

  • Business
  • Email
  • Postal Addresses
  • Phone


  • Complied Lists
  • Multi-Sourced


  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK
  • 140+ More


50% Male
50% Female


No Charge Secure Delivery
No Charge Run Charge
Exchanges is allowed Exchanges

Manager Contact Information

info-icon For offline requests, visit:

Address:Made in Chicago, IL

Phone:(888) 472-DATA